Commercial Umbrella Insurance in Houston, Texas

Every business requires protection to cover the costs of lawsuits and unexpected financial losses resulting from disasters. Our commercial umbrella insurance Houston, TX services protect you and your business from these risks. We also protect your business against the financial risk of large lawsuits.

What is Commercial Umbrella Insurance?

Commercial umbrella insurance provides extra liability coverage to pay for costs that exceed your general liability policy limits. It can also cover certain claims excluded by your other liability policy limits.

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Why Buy Commercial Umbrella Insurance?

Your company’s general liability insurance may be unable to cover the costs of large liability lawsuits, including medical, legal, and other related expenses. Here the umbrella insurance policy kicks in to cover the costs that exceed your general liability coverage limits.

Commercial umbrella insurance, therefore, will help your business to survive in uncertain times. Buying excess liability insurance in Houston, TX is the right risk management strategy for companies to stay protected in unexpected situations.

Consider buying commercial umbrella insurance, TX if your business:

  • Wants to protect its valuable assets during a lawsuit
  • Risks exceed the general liability policy limits
  • Frequently interacts with customers
  • Is open to the public, facing high-exposures to risks and accidents that contribute to liability claims
  • Uses someone else’s property
  • Involves employees working in a setting where injuries are likely to happen
  • Involves deliveries or requires a lot of driving, increasing the risk of road accidents

What Does Commercial Umbrella Insurance Cover?

Our commercial umbrella insurance policy covers:


Customer injury


Product liability


Medical bills




Vehicle accidents


Legal fees


Property damage


Employees’ medical


Reputational damage


Damage expenses


Attorney fees

Get the Right Umbrella Insurance Coverage

As a trusted excess liability insurance Houston, TX service provider with over 15 years of experience, we guarantee unmatched insurance solutions for your business. Our insurance experts will help you make an informed decision by discussing all the possible coverage options to create a customized umbrella policy. Our policies cover all events of liability claims and unexpected incidents.

We are the choice brand for “the best commercial umbrella insurance near me” and “excess liability insurance near me” searches. Contact First Insurance Solutions team for all your coverage requirements.

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