Commercial Property Insurance in Houston, Texas

Do you want to protect your business’ physical assets from contingencies ranging from minor damage to major loss? Buy commercial property insurance in Houston, TX. Whether you lease, rent, or own a commercial building or office space, our customized commercial property insurance protects your physical assets from various disasters.

Scope of Commercial Property Insurance

This policy covers your business’ most valuable assets, including your building and contents against all possible damages caused by unexpected disasters like fire, theft, wind, hail, storm, or even vandalism. In addition, the coverage can be extended to include damages earthquakes.

Scope of Commercial Property Insurance

Our commercial property insurance covers:


Buildings that you own, rent, or lease


Exterior structures such as outdoor signs, fences, storage sheds, and landscaping


Contents of your building such as furniture, tools, computers, inventory, and equipment


Documents and billing records


Business equipment you lease


Others’ property


The cost to rent or lease a temporary location (if your primary building is under repair)


Recovery expenses and lost income (if you are not able to run your business as a result of a disaster)
commercial property insurance

Why Commercial Property Insurance?

Buying commercial property insurance is one of the smartest investment decisions you can make. Sudden perils can cause extensive damages to your property, often leading to temporary or permanent shutdowns. Hence, it is recommended to protect your business’ expensive physical assets with commercial property insurance, thereby recovering much more quickly.

How Can We Help?

First Insurance Solutions is committed to providing the best insurance policy that protects your business from unexpected incidents and damages. Our insurance experts will work with you to determine what exactly your company needs to stay protected. After understanding how your business operates, we will provide you with cost-effective and personalized coverage options.

If you are looking to buy commercial property insurance near you, contact our experts at First Insurance Solutions. We are ready to help you with all your coverage needs.

How Can We Help