Reasons for a Home Insurance Claim Refusal

Having home insurance is important to cover your house and its belongings against loss or damage caused by theft, burglary, fire, vandalism, and natural calamities. However, in certain circumstances, your home insurance claim might be rejected by your provider. Do you know why?

Let us discuss the reasons why home insurance claim can be rejected:

Claims Against Fire Damage

Your fire claims will get rejected if you have claimed for damage or repair caused by your unswept chimney or old or faulty wiring. While you can claim other damages caused by fire, it is better not to claim these damages.

You must keep your chimney clean and make sure your wiring is proper and timely checked. Do not leave lighting candles or anything on the hob unattended. Even a small spark of fire can cause extensive damage to your home. Also, do not put the toaster under your kitchen units.

Get smoke detectors installed in your home, as they can alert you and prevent your property from being damaged by fire. When claiming for the fire damage, keep the damaged contents as evidence for your insurance provider.

Claims Against Structural Damage

Your home insurance claim against structural damage will get rejected if you have claimed a damaged ceiling or wall caused by your negligence or lack of maintenance. When you notice cracks or structural issues on your wall or ceiling, you should immediately fix them, or at least, you should report them to your insurance provider when you ask for a quote.

Most people refuse to report these issues to their provider, as this will increase their premiums. If the cracks lead to extensive damages in the future, your insurance provider might ask you to pay higher premiums, but they will cover these damages, which is an advantage.

Most home insurance contracts state that a customer must inform their provider about any changes, including cracks and other potential subsidence signs, either at the beginning or during the policy. Hiding these might reject your claims in the future.

Insurance providers can customize the policy to offer you coverage at an affordable rate, but make sure you report your home’s exact condition when asking for a quote.

Maintain Your Home

A home insurance policy will pay for all weather-related damages and repairs, despite the cause. Still, claims for damages that are caused by lack of maintenance and negligence will stand rejected. Some homeowners have experienced damage from snow, wind, or flooding, including collapsed roofs and gutters.

However, 31% of homeowners have not checked the condition of their roofs in 5 years, 59% have not checked their gutters in the last 3 years, 11% have never inspected their roofs, and 24% have not cleared their drains. These can lead to lack of care and negligence repairs, and you cannot claim these.

Ensure scheduled home maintenance and repair every year to keep your home in the best possible condition as these will make a big difference in your home insurance claims and premium rates. Contact the experts at First Insurance Solutions if you want to learn more about the home insurance policy. We will assist you with all your coverage needs.

By First Insurance Solutions

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