Top Driving Hazards to Be Aware of This Summer

Summer is the time to hit the beach, go for picnics, or plan a vacation.  However, it is also the most dangerous time to be on the road. As per the Institute of Highway Safety (IIHS), traffic fatalities increase during June, July, and August.

Here’s how you can avoid driving hazards and enjoy your summer to the fullest.

More Teens on the Road

With schools closed, more teens hit the road in summer. They may be new, inexperienced drivers, so it’s essential to stay alert at all times and be aware of the vehicles around you.

Increased Road Construction

Pay attention to the warning signs, slow down, and drive defensively around construction zones. Obey the posted speed limits, lane changes, and closures. It is wise to anticipate the delay and leave early to reach your destination in time.

Summer Breakdowns

As the temperature rises, engines get hotter and strain your car’s cooling system. If your seals are in bad shape, your engine is likely to overheat. Tire blowouts also increase during hot weather. You can avoid such breakdowns by changing the coolant at recommended intervals and regularly inspecting your vehicle for problems.

Sun Glare and Heavy Rains

The blinding glare of the sun can cause potential accidents. Always keep a clean pair of sunglasses handy in the car. Heavy rains during summer can also impair vision. Clean the windshield often to remove smears. Check the road condition beforehand to be aware of accidents, flooding, and closures.

More Cycles and Motorcycles

Summer sees more cycles and motorcycles on the road than winter. Keep a safe distance from them. Be cautious while opening the door and turning right at intersections. Also, be aware of your car’s blind spots to avoid any dangerous collisions.

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