How to Maximize the Durability of Your Roof

The roof is an integral element of your house, so you must ensure that it remains in good shape. A deciding characteristic of a roof is how long it lasts before needing repair. The durability of a roof depends on the properties of different materials used to make the roof shingles, but factors like the location of your house, weather, etc. also affect its life expectancy. In general, you can expect a good-quality roof to last for approximately 30 years.

Here’s a breakdown of the type of roofs and the factors that influence their durability and maintenance.


Asphalt shingles are individual bituminous sheets nailed on top of the timber, with an adhesive in between. There are varying grades of asphalt: low-quality asphalt shingles last about a decade, while high-quality ones last much longer. Avoid using organic asphalt shingles in locations with high humidity and freezing temperatures.


Slate tiles have a high mica content, sometimes up to 40%. Slate has a unique way of reflecting the light falling on it, which makes these shingles costlier. However, slate roofs can last up to 50 years.


Although wooden shingles are declining in popularity, you may consider getting them as their duration lasts 30-40 years. Wooden roofs require more maintenance than other materials, as the accumulation of moisture could lead to the growth of moss and fungi.


Metal roofs typically have high durability. Copper and zinc roofs have a lasting period of over 100 years. Aluminum is preferred in coastal areas because of its corrosion-resistant properties. Stainless steel is the least expensive metal roofing material. The impact of the weather condition varies significantly based on the metal you use.

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