A Quick Guide to Workers’ Compensation in Texas

Owning a business is one of your most significant investments. Commercial insurance helps you protect your investment against some of the common risks involved with operating your business on a day-to-day basis. Your employees are a valuable part of your business. Workers’ compensation allows you to take care of your employees while also protecting your

3 Common Workers’ Compensation Mistakes That You Need to Avoid

Workers’ compensation gives employees benefits and remunerations for any injury, illness, or accidents that happen during the course of fulfilling their duties and responsibilities related to their employment. It covers the medical expenses and costs of the employee. It also compensates the workers on the income and pay lost due to work-related injury or illness.

How Can Workers’ Compensation Benefit Employers?

Workers’ compensation insurance is meant to cover the costs resulting from a work-related injury, illness, or death. However, employers, too, can benefit from this type of liability coverage. Perhaps the most obvious benefit of workers’ compensation insurance for employers is that it protects them from being sued by an employee for a work-related injury, illness,