Business Property Insurance 101

Every entrepreneur should understand business property insurance 101 principles. A basic business property insurance policy covers fire damage, signage repair, replacement of stolen equipment, and other losses. You may need to amend your policy if your operation requires more protection from workplace risks. Here are important points to consider when reviewing your business property insurance.

Exploring Professional Negligence in Business

Allegations of negligence may cause your business to be involved in a serious liability dispute. To be prepared for any situation, you must learn about the different types of negligence accusations. Ordinary negligence and professional negligence accusations can lead to expensive litigation disputes, which may cost you a lot of time and money. Even if

Four Insurance Policies That Can Boost Your Small Business

While 40% of small businesses don’t resume operations after a catastrophe, those with a continuity plan reopen more easily, as reported by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA). Some of the ways to create a business continuity plan include identifying the biggest potential risks, purchasing the right business insurance coverage, and protecting your data in